Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale For PC | How To Install (Windows 7/8/10 And Mac)

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is a PvP tower defense game for up to 8 players. Build and upgrade your towers to defend your kingdom from enemy invaders. Work together with your teammates to strategize and take down the enemy. Tower Royale is the perfect game for those who enjoy competitive tower defense gameplay.

The technical specifications of the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale for PC are the ones that set it apart and why it’s so popular. Go through those from this section:

Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale Andorid App Summary

Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale was developed by Lightweight Inc and they’ve done a good job keeping it highly user friendly. You can download Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale from Google Play store under the Strategy category. The latest version of Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale is 1.2.7 on Play store with total users of 90837. The Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale app has a user rating of 4.3 which is impressive.

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The latest update date of the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale is Sep 7, 2022. Although it’s easy to install it on Android, it’s not that easy to do so on PC. You need to use an emulator to do so. The most popular emulators would be NOX player, BlueStacks, and Memu Emulator to install it on PC.

We will talk about how to install and use the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale on your computer using the emulators. The step by step guides below will help you do so.

Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale App Overview and Details

Build your strong deck of towers, blow down the rush of enemies, and earn the most trophies!

■ Meet the Variety of Towers
You can meet 50 kinds of towers in Tower Royale. Each has a special ability and power. You have a tower like Archer, Random, and Legend Tower. Look closely into each of them, compose your strategy to win, and build the best deck out of your tower pool. You can also prepare multiple decks. Make one for PvP battle where you clash with other users and another for tower defense where you have to stop a rush of enemies and defend your castle. Yet, beware that you randomly summon towers as if you roll dice in Battle or Royale Mode.

■ Battle Mode
Tower Royale’s Battle Mode is a PvP mode where you can experience the ultimate clash of tower defense. Summon random towers and defend your castle from enemies’ rush. Destroy them and get the souls to summon more towers. Then merge towers to upgrade them. Like a dice, every tower has spots, and you can combine towers that have the same spots. Enemies killed will re-appear on the opponent’s side, so be quick to make your tower stronger and crash enemies faster than your opponent to crash the castle. Also, be aware of the boss raid. Upgrade your towers in advance and use the castle’s ability to defeat the boss. An abundant reward awaits the intense battle! Earn trophies and tier up! Collect gold and gems and own rare and legendary towers.

■ Royale Mode
Royale Mode has two modes: Co-op Mode and Mirror Mode.

・Co-op Mode lets you experience a co-op tower defense game. You can team up with your friend, a clan member, or a random match, and together you guard the royale road and the castle from the rush of enemy waves. Same as Battle Mode, you need to destroy as many enemies as possible, summon more towers, and complete the tower defense mission. Yet the enemies also become stronger as the rush goes on. Tower defense will get harder but stay together with your partner, stop more waves, and claim you are at the top of TD!

・Mirror Mode is the ultimate random PvP mode. The same, but a random deck and castle are given to you and your opponent. You get to play with the towers you do not have and challenge how well you can play with what is randomly given. It may feel like rolling a dice, but it actually takes your wisdom to plan a spontaneous strategy with the random deck in your hand so you can win this PvP match. Experience the epic random clash of TD!

■ Battle Arena
Tower Royale allows you to compete with other users and feel the thrill of going up to the top of the ranking. Clash with your opponents on a PvP mode, crash them, and earn trophies. Or co-op with others, impede the enemy rush, clash with the boss, and earn as many points. Then show off your trophy points on Battle Arena and tell your friends how far you are up on its daily and monthly ranking.

■ Daily Market & Quest
Meet the daily offers in the market and obtain rewards by completing the daily quest. As regular training makes a human stronger, everyday participation in the tower defense will award you with items that enlarge your TD experience on Tower Royale. Clear the daily quest and get items from the market to prepare for a new clash of tower defense.

■ Create Your Clan
Gather your friends and partners to build a clan. TD friends can give you ideas for new strategies for successful tower defense. You can also clash against your clan members and practice for a real-time battle. You can simply join a clan and learn from the experienced TD users of Tower Royale.

Are you looking for an addicting tower defense game? Tower Royale is here for you! Play real-time PvP and compete against opponents with your TD deck. Play Royale Mode and get fun you can’t find from simple dice rolling or clash of soldiers.

Now it is time to enter the mighty world of TD and engage in the real-time PvP battles! Wish you the best of luck all you TD lovers! 🎖

Features of Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale for PC

get a better reward!

・Mirror Mode is a 1:1 PvP mode. You can face off with another user with the same number of towers and enemies. Destroy the enemy’s castle before the enemy destroys yours. The number of towers and enemies will be the same, but the location is different. You can put your towers wherever you want. Be strategic, and place them wisely to stop the enemy’s rush. Win the battle, and take the enemy’s towers as your trophy!”

1. 50 different kinds of towers
2. Special abilities and powers for each tower
3. Multiple decks can be prepared
4.Battle Mode is a PvP mode
5.Summon random towers and defend your castle
6.Enemies killed will re-appear on the opponent’s side
7.Upgrade your towers in advance
8.Co-op Mode lets you experience a co-op tower defense game
9.Mirror Mode is a 1:1 PvP mode
10.The number of towers and enemies will be the same

How To Install & Download Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale For PC Windows 10/8/7

You can download and install the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale for PC using the Nox player android emulator. Here are the steps you need to follow to install it on your computer alongside the step to install the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale.

  • Step 1: You have to download the NOX player emulator on your computer. It will store in the Downloads folder of your PC.
  • Step 2: Double click on the downloaded installer, click Yes, and let the Nox Player be installed on your computer.
  • Step 3: Within NOX Player, you’ll see the Play Store Icon on the top portion of it. Go ahead, click on it, and open up the store.
  • Step 4: If you’re not logged in, make sure you log into your Gmail or Play store account using email and password.
  • Step 5: Search for Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale on the search bar that you’ll see in the play store app. This will show you the app.
  • Step 6: Click on the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale and click install to start downloading it on your computer and installing it.
  • Step 7: Wait for a few minutes and NOX player will add a shortcut button to the desktop and the homepage.
  • Step 8: You can double click on the shortcut icon and start using the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale on your computer right away.
Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale App Specification
App Name: Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale On Your PC
Devoloper Name: Lightweight Inc
Latest Version: 1.2.7
Android Version: 5.0
Supporting OS: Windows,7,8,10 & Mac (32 Bit, 64 Bit)
Package Name: kr.lightweight.randomtower
Download: 90837+
Category: Strategy
Updated on: Sep 7, 2022
Get it On:


Whats New In this Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale?

* Stability Improvement
* New App Icon


While there are many tower defense games on the market, Tower Royale offers a unique twist on the genre with its PvP mode. Players must work together to build the strongest defenses possible and survive against waves of enemy attacks. With its challenging gameplay and dynamic community, Tower Royale is a must-play for tower defense fans.

Following the steps above is all you need to do if you want to succeed installing the Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale on your PC. If you have more queries about anything, do let us know.

Recent Tower Defense PvP:Tower Royale Reviews


Jason Maxwell

Aug 11, 2022

So, I’ve been playing for a couple weeks and it’s great. There’s only 2 things. There’s no text to actually communicate with co-op partners, not even emojis. And merged towers don’t increase attack damage a percentage, just speed of attack. To me, thats a real turn off. Why have multiple pips if the dps stays the same? Edit: So there is a lot to be desired. Bots run the battles. They’ll always have higher crit and somehow always get the towers they need to win. So far I’ve maybe won 1 out of 7

AItbvmmkgCpKNv0vd0D poKf1H4KpvnyeWm2Yq nL8Iq=s64

Ekkehard B.

Aug 8, 2022

~Please add tracking of mirror matches for amount of wins/loses and daily rankings.~ Review: This is a copy of Random dice. It is the best copy I’ve seen and played. It also does not limit mirror matches like Random dice has later on. The concept is great, and the selection of towers works really well. I’ll continue playing! ^^

AFdZucrLyWGVLz WabbZuZSthVE7SBfYebh8TKUsF5p0=s64

James Dunlap ll

Dec 10, 2021

Pretty fun tbh. I played other games like this, some good some bad, and this is one of the better ones. Compared to similar random dice tower defense this one feels a lot smoother and it has smooth animations. I’m also not bombarded with ads and top up offers/events. There’s a lot of bots but it’s ok because I would rather face them then wait to get in a battle for 10 min. I haven’t found any major or minor bugs yet. Is there an official discord or Facebook I can join to talk about the game?

James Thomas

Sep 6, 2022

Great game, probably the smoothest experience I’ve had in this genre for a long time. The towers make sense and the games are always interesting. But in PvP the board has a chance to be loaded with squares that when broken, destroy your towers, and it’s so broken that some matches end within seconds 100% due to rng. No level of skill can prevent it and it makes every 3rd or 4th game incredibly frustrating.


Ky La

Sep 5, 2022

This game is so f#king close to being rated a perfect game. Theres no intrusive ads which makes me want to spend some cash (im poor brb) theres just one problem, i never see my earnings bar at the top of the game & when i do its occasionally. I greatly appreciate having no ads & i cant wait til i have enough saved to support your game. The rest of the game is pretty good, repetitive but upgradable but thats mobile games anyway 🤷‍♀️ i like the game

Brandon Martin

Aug 19, 2022

When players are active it’s fun, but when matchmaking takes too long, fights are rigged. Some fights, especially in the mirror matches, you will end up against bots. Some of those bots have 100% win rate while some are 0% win rate. It’s a shame. Not going to spend money in a rigged game.

Cody McCauley

Jul 30, 2022

I’ll edit a bit once I’m a bit father in. I’m at 3k trophies currently. The game is good, though the difference in strength between certain dice are too high. Legendary dice are absolutely necessary to effectively farm trophies late tier or high monster waves in coop. It’s nice that they’re that strong, but I think lower rarity dice need a type of buff that’ll allow them to at least compete with legendary dice on a good or lucky board. At the moment, certain dice vastly out balance others.

Reuben Montoya

Aug 10, 2022

This game is decently fun. I played it a lot first day. But started to realize that the opponents I was getting were people with 600%+ and they were beating me. I just started and I am being pitted against players with huge damage. Either they bought that or have played long enough. Either way, that isnt fair to a new player just getting started. It really ruins the newcomer feel. Also, the ghost boss is horrible. His ability activates way before other bosses. Totally unfair

AItbvml1d2B7TM6X7XKbGQCyCwRfdC67yR2 9w2B0Ebj=s64

Nico C

Jul 25, 2022

Matches are predetermined. You can tell because one player will get overwhelmed fast despite having the better towers+levels, and the boss appears with x2 more hp than the opponents. This isnt a bad thing otherwise matches will take 20+ minutes to conclude. With that said dont worry about what towers you bring or losing ranks. This game just heats up your phone and will drain your battery. Bug with attack buff locking at 29 seconds.


Pete Hutton

Aug 18, 2022

Could be good, but including a tower that is purely there to stop opponents playing the game is a really bad marketing strategy. Download and load a game that you may not get to play. No reason to spend or recommend to friends.


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